Tepeköy (Agridia), where our hotel is located, is a very old village located in the very center of the island. It is thought that the foundation date of the village goes back to 1500 years ago. The altitude of the village, located at the foot of Aya Dimitri Hill, is quite high. Tepeköy is located in the center of Gökçeada. It is equidistant from both historical old villages and natural wonder beaches and Gökçeada Center.

Tepeköy, is 1 km away from Pınarbaşı (Çınaraltı), 8 km away from Gökçeada Center, 7 km away from Zeytinliköy, 10 km away from Dereköy, 12 km away from Bademli, 12 km away from Kaleköy, 12.4 km away from Yıldızkoy, 13 km away from Kuzulimanı, 16 km away from Laz Bay, 18 km away from Aydıncık/Kefalos Beach and 21 km away from Uğurlu Hidden Harbor Beach.

During your trip in Gökçeada, the easiest way of transportation between villages and beaches will be by car. Because the total surface area of the island is 285 km². For this reason, we recommend that you come to Gökçeada with your car or rent a car.


After getting off the ferry at Kuzulimanı, proceed in the direction of Gökçeada Center. After about 5 km, you will reach the Center. Go straight towards Zeytinliköy-Tepeköy direction (that is, towards the direction you went before) 3km later, you will see the Zeytinliköy sign, without turning to the right, continue straight in the same direction, on your left the DSI dam The lake will remain and keep going uphill and you will see the Tepeköy sign on the right.

The road going uphill towards the magnificent Aya Dimitri Hill will split into two, enter the No Entry Sign on the left, after about 300 meters uphill, there will be a small white chapel on your left. After 30 meters from the Chapel, turn to the right and the Sarı Keçi Taş Hotel will be right in front of you.


You have arrived at the address of Serenity… 🙂 🙂