spend amazıng tıme wıth nature


Sarı Keçi Taş  Hotel

The building where our hotel is located was built 130 years ago, using the stones of Gökçeada, using the masonry method. We, on the other hand, found this beautiful stone building one day while wandering around Tepeköy, abandoned to its fate, in a desolate state, on the collapsed stones a very cute, beautiful yellow goat was looking at us. The name of our Boutique Hotel was inspired by this beautiful yellow goat. We will be pleased to welcome you, our esteemed guests, in our hotel, which we have restored by protecting the heritage of our former Greek friends. 

Our Sarı Keçi Taş Hotel is located in Tepeköy, the highest village of Gökçeada. Thanks to the winds blowing in our village at the foot of the mountain, you can forget the summer heat, sleep in coolness in our rooms, and wake up in the morning with the scent of thyme and bird sounds… 

There are 2 (Triple) Deluxe Rooms and 4 (Double) Standard Rooms in our hotel. Our hotel serves in the form of Bed & Breakfast. You can have your breakfast under the trees, in the stone courtyard of our hotel, accompanied by the sounds of birds. We use organic products from local businesses of the island for our breakfasts. 

From the window in your room, you can watch the mountain slopes full of Fig, Almond and ancient Olive trees. If you are lucky, sheep and goats roaming freely on our island may be guests at your window.. 

You can taste the local delicacies of the island at 3 famous Tavernas (Barba Yorgo, Meraklis and Angelikis) in Tepeköy Square, you can eat Milk Pastry (Galaktobureko) in the village coffeehouse, and you can enjoy the village square on cool summer evenings. You can have nice conversations with your friends at the village square.

If you are interested in history, you can visit the Evangelismos Teotoku Church, which was built in 1832 in Tepeköy. Also, 30 meters down the slope where our hotel is located, you can see the very cute and beautiful white chapel. 

Also, at the entrance of Tepeköy, on the right, the historical Greek Private Secondary School and High School continue education. The old name of Tepeköy is Ağridya. Its name means small fields in ancient Greek. The history of the village goes back to 1500 years ago. 

The biggest event of Tepeköy and Gökçeada is the 15th of August, the Feast of the Virgin Mary (Feast). According to the belief of our Christian citizens, when a person dies, he/she attains real life in the sight of God, so the days of death are celebrated as feast days. The old people of Imroz (Gökçeada) flock to Tepeköy from all over the world in order to attend the feast of the Virgin Mary and pray. On August 14, cattle are sacrificed, cooked in large cauldrons, and distributed free of charge to everyone after church service on the morning of August 15. In recent years, these celebrations have started to be extended up to 10-15 days. 

We wish all our guests a nice holiday full of the scent of thyme…